Friday, August 26, 2011

Summertime Cat Season Round-Up

It's late summer and everyone up here seems to be trying to wring out every last drop of fun out of the season before the brutal gloom of the northwest winter arrives. The feline citizens seem to be on a similar program.

It's no longer necessary for me to go and seek out cats, whenever I go for a stroll they inevitably come and find me. Just like the white cat above, who I'd never met in the past. Whitecat's tail positioning clearly communicates it's intention to solicit human attention.

Even old friends, like Uzo up there, are more friendly than usual. It's not every day that he executes the celebratory cat roll for me!

Here we have a beautiful tortoise shell lady, out on the step for an afternoon of people watching.

This beautiful cat showed no apprehension towards satisfying it's curiosity regarding the camera. Smells like digital!

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