Friday, May 28, 2010

Sangre Joven

Here's a happy young orange cat. Looks like he could be a teen in cat years, still a little awkward and unrestrained.

He was very open to receiving pets.

It didn't seem like it was easy for him to keep his tongue in his mouth.

He was just brimming with youthful enthusiasm, shamelessly soaking up all of the attention that we could muster up for him.

Eventually I think we gave him all the affection he could take. Here he appears exhausted, ready to slip off into a cat nap. "Thank you for petting me now leave me alone."

All photos in this one by Jess Ackerman


Here's a real pretty orange furred, yellow eyed, vital and wily young cat.

He has a wonderful coat, a vaguely wild looking pattern of orange hues.

We caught up with this regal looking cat right in the middle of his sunbathing session. Not something Portland cats get to enjoy regularly! We see him here basking in the sun's rays, while simultaneously taking advantage of the cool stored in the concrete.

All photos in this one by Jess Ackerman

Curious about the possibility of treats.

Cats that are "on the fence" about associating with me, are usually, at least partially persuaded by the old "Maybe I might have a treat here for you," trick.

Here it is in action!

Sometimes you get a little backlash for the ruse, you lose some of the cat's trust.

All photos on this one by Jess Ackerman

Retired cat

Cats can be divided into two rough categories: cats that will approach you and cats that'll run away from you. I believe this cat falls into the latter category.

He was generally unreceptive to my usual cat overtures and it really seemed like he would have liked to have run off under the porch where he could be left alone until I moved on. But due to laziness and feline pride, he was unwilling to expend the energy needed to relocate.

He didn't move, he just gave me a look that said, "I'm an old cat, give me a break."


Due to an influx of visitors, Portland Pussy has been on hiatus. I mean an influx of visitors to me, personally, not visitors to the site . . . More cats are on they way.