Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lil' Feral

Here's another cat that likes to hang out in my backyard. One of my housemates dubbed him with the moniker "Feral" because he lives outside and doesn't trust humans.
I tend to call him "Lil' Feral", and eventually plan on upgrading to "Lil' Pharrel" because it sounds more like a proper noun.

Even though he won't let anyone lay a hand on on him, he is very curious about humans and likes to spend time in our vicinity, observing our habits presumably.

I suspect that this cat is brother to "Green Eyes" (see entry one 8/8/10). They have the same eyes and vaguely similar fur patterns. Their demeanors are quite different, however. Lil Feral lacks the quiet wisdom and grace of green eyes, but makes up for it with a youthful exuberance. Recently, I learned that mother cats can be impregnated by multiple tomcats, hence resulting in a litter of half siblings. That could explain the oceans of difference between the two little beasts.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Siamese Neighbor

Here we have what I consider to be one of the finest looking felines in my neighborhood.

Usually I only catch glimpses of him hanging out on the windowsill as I pass by my neighbor's house.

But one day he somehow slipped out of the house and decided to pay us a visit.

I haven't seen the little escape artist out in the open air since these pictures were taken.

Loud small cat.

This high strung little beast summoned us to the front yard of his owner's home with the second loudest catmeow I've heard to date.

In spite of his persistent, urgent meowing, he didn't seem to be interested in or open to pets 'n' scratches from strangers.

He didn't curtail his meow siren as we approached, but it became obvious that he intended to avoid contact with us, which is not a very difficult thing for a nimble young cat to do.

Maybe his collar was on too tight.

Gentle Giant

I encountered this friendly cat as he was lounging in a wicker yard chair on a mostly cloudy afternoon.
He was notably longer and thicker than your average house cat, but not the least bit overweight.
He had an aged facial expression and a particularly relaxed droop to his eyes. Probably the type of cat who gets along with everyone.

He's takin' it easy for the rest of us out there.

Monday, August 9, 2010


Today I met Danger. He's a cheerful young black cat who wears a skull and crossbones themed collar.

I've seen him loitering around the neighborhood compost bins, rolling in the dirt and taking in the pungent ass odor of the mix in the bins.

I suspect that in addition to his rolling smelling loitering routine, he also makes it a practice to solicit pets from passerbys. He responded quite well to the attention that I gave him.

He's Alder street's handsomest compost connoisseur, that's for certain.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Green Eyes

There are a few stray cats who like to relax in my back yard, amongst them is this beautiful, green-eyed specimen.

He seems like he may be a bit young, but he carries himself like a wise animal sage of the earth, too smart to submit to domestication by humans.

He has begun to take a shine to me, however.

Steady servings of cat food and the occasional pinch of catnip has begun to soften his tough feral cat exterior. He knows he can't go on this way forever. Eventually he will relax a bit and become my cat friend in residence.

Catnip Connoisseur

Last month I purchased a fresh, living catnip plant. It resided on my porch area for a short bit of time. During that time, we had many cats came by who wanted to pay the young leafy plant a visit.

This lil' tuxedoed youngster came all the way from the next block over to sample our fine fresh leaves of living catnip.

Housecats, especially the youngins, tend to have a sense of entitlement. Or so I have observed thus far.

Young or old, all cats gladly succumb to the effects of the plant at some point during their catnip encounter. It's as if they become possessed by the great spirit of cuddle that only cats are privy to.

The sacred cat leaf can make felines considerably more open to human interaction.

Shortly after these pictures were taken, I planted the catnip in a permanent spot in our planter box. It only lasted a few days . . . I found it completely stripped and uprooted one morning. The little beasts tore the things to shreds in no time . . .

Friday, June 25, 2010


In the olden days of yore, it was more common to encounter a cat or two in public establishments. The housecat didn't win it's pampered place in the homes of human beings by being cute alone; their pest controlling capabilities got them in the door.

Nowadays, cute is enough to get you in the door. This is Tommy the cat, he lives at a store on Hawthorne called "Really Good Stuff".

He's among the cats I classify as 'curious camera sniffers'.

Word on the street is, this cat's been trained to take down shoplifters. Just a rumor . . .

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sangre Joven

Here's a happy young orange cat. Looks like he could be a teen in cat years, still a little awkward and unrestrained.

He was very open to receiving pets.

It didn't seem like it was easy for him to keep his tongue in his mouth.

He was just brimming with youthful enthusiasm, shamelessly soaking up all of the attention that we could muster up for him.

Eventually I think we gave him all the affection he could take. Here he appears exhausted, ready to slip off into a cat nap. "Thank you for petting me now leave me alone."

All photos in this one by Jess Ackerman


Here's a real pretty orange furred, yellow eyed, vital and wily young cat.

He has a wonderful coat, a vaguely wild looking pattern of orange hues.

We caught up with this regal looking cat right in the middle of his sunbathing session. Not something Portland cats get to enjoy regularly! We see him here basking in the sun's rays, while simultaneously taking advantage of the cool stored in the concrete.

All photos in this one by Jess Ackerman

Curious about the possibility of treats.

Cats that are "on the fence" about associating with me, are usually, at least partially persuaded by the old "Maybe I might have a treat here for you," trick.

Here it is in action!

Sometimes you get a little backlash for the ruse, you lose some of the cat's trust.

All photos on this one by Jess Ackerman

Retired cat

Cats can be divided into two rough categories: cats that will approach you and cats that'll run away from you. I believe this cat falls into the latter category.

He was generally unreceptive to my usual cat overtures and it really seemed like he would have liked to have run off under the porch where he could be left alone until I moved on. But due to laziness and feline pride, he was unwilling to expend the energy needed to relocate.

He didn't move, he just gave me a look that said, "I'm an old cat, give me a break."


Due to an influx of visitors, Portland Pussy has been on hiatus. I mean an influx of visitors to me, personally, not visitors to the site . . . More cats are on they way.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Aleister Meowley

Here is possibly the most charming cat that I've encountered so far.

His name is Aleister Meowley.
He ran right up to me as I was passing his house on my way to the market.

This is when he decided to give the camera a good sniffing.
I encountered Mr. Meowley's owner shortly after our photo session. She claimed that Aleister had just shown up years earlier and chose her as his person friend . . . just like a witch's familiar.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Geriatric park

I've got a real big soft spot for geriatric cats. They tend to be mellow and are beacons for that mysterious thing that I simply refer to as 'cat wisdom.' This particular cat seemed like a rickety barge, if the sidewalks and streets were rivers and cats were boats. He also lacked a tail, adding to his general beat upness.

This wonderful mid-meow photograph was taken by my housemate and friend, Dennis Foster, who has joined my crusade to take pictures of cats.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Cat Across the Street

I've been watching this little fur ball through the window from the comfort of my own room for some time now. I have a thing for orange cats, I used to read/watch garfield quite a bit when I was a very young person.

Another housecat to the bone. I had tried earlier this week to take his picture, but he was camera shy and preferred hiding under cars instead. After a week of rejection he finally softened up to me.
And of course, it was only because he wanted something from me. He led me to the steps of the quad plex house he lives in and asked me to let him in.
Sorry Mr. Cat, but that shit isn't happening.