Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lil' Feral

Here's another cat that likes to hang out in my backyard. One of my housemates dubbed him with the moniker "Feral" because he lives outside and doesn't trust humans.
I tend to call him "Lil' Feral", and eventually plan on upgrading to "Lil' Pharrel" because it sounds more like a proper noun.

Even though he won't let anyone lay a hand on on him, he is very curious about humans and likes to spend time in our vicinity, observing our habits presumably.

I suspect that this cat is brother to "Green Eyes" (see entry one 8/8/10). They have the same eyes and vaguely similar fur patterns. Their demeanors are quite different, however. Lil Feral lacks the quiet wisdom and grace of green eyes, but makes up for it with a youthful exuberance. Recently, I learned that mother cats can be impregnated by multiple tomcats, hence resulting in a litter of half siblings. That could explain the oceans of difference between the two little beasts.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Siamese Neighbor

Here we have what I consider to be one of the finest looking felines in my neighborhood.

Usually I only catch glimpses of him hanging out on the windowsill as I pass by my neighbor's house.

But one day he somehow slipped out of the house and decided to pay us a visit.

I haven't seen the little escape artist out in the open air since these pictures were taken.

Loud small cat.

This high strung little beast summoned us to the front yard of his owner's home with the second loudest catmeow I've heard to date.

In spite of his persistent, urgent meowing, he didn't seem to be interested in or open to pets 'n' scratches from strangers.

He didn't curtail his meow siren as we approached, but it became obvious that he intended to avoid contact with us, which is not a very difficult thing for a nimble young cat to do.

Maybe his collar was on too tight.

Gentle Giant

I encountered this friendly cat as he was lounging in a wicker yard chair on a mostly cloudy afternoon.
He was notably longer and thicker than your average house cat, but not the least bit overweight.
He had an aged facial expression and a particularly relaxed droop to his eyes. Probably the type of cat who gets along with everyone.

He's takin' it easy for the rest of us out there.