Monday, April 19, 2010

Aleister Meowley

Here is possibly the most charming cat that I've encountered so far.

His name is Aleister Meowley.
He ran right up to me as I was passing his house on my way to the market.

This is when he decided to give the camera a good sniffing.
I encountered Mr. Meowley's owner shortly after our photo session. She claimed that Aleister had just shown up years earlier and chose her as his person friend . . . just like a witch's familiar.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Geriatric park

I've got a real big soft spot for geriatric cats. They tend to be mellow and are beacons for that mysterious thing that I simply refer to as 'cat wisdom.' This particular cat seemed like a rickety barge, if the sidewalks and streets were rivers and cats were boats. He also lacked a tail, adding to his general beat upness.

This wonderful mid-meow photograph was taken by my housemate and friend, Dennis Foster, who has joined my crusade to take pictures of cats.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Cat Across the Street

I've been watching this little fur ball through the window from the comfort of my own room for some time now. I have a thing for orange cats, I used to read/watch garfield quite a bit when I was a very young person.

Another housecat to the bone. I had tried earlier this week to take his picture, but he was camera shy and preferred hiding under cars instead. After a week of rejection he finally softened up to me.
And of course, it was only because he wanted something from me. He led me to the steps of the quad plex house he lives in and asked me to let him in.
Sorry Mr. Cat, but that shit isn't happening.