Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Cow Colored Cat

A mere two blocks east of where I live, there is a house that seems to be home to a slowly increasing number of cats. They spend their days lounging on the porch, occasionally accosting passerbys for pets, scratches and attention in general.

This cat is a one of the more bashful denizens of the blue porch. He lacks a name tag, so I have dubbed him "The Cow Cat", due to his white fur with black spots. Just like a cow, but in cat form. Also, he has a little extra belly vaguely reminiscent of pasture-roaming, cud chewing, cloven-hoofed livestock.

Here we see Cow Cat conferring with the white cat (who holds the secret of invisibility, for those who are in the know. Also, he is an early veteran of this blog). The white cat and I are on very friendly terms, so I imagine he gave Cow Cat the green light to approach me.

And now here he is, right up close and personal! I imagine he is thinking, "Where the pets at?" or, "What the hell is that thing you're pointing at me." Until technology advances to the point where we will have the means to communicate with the feline race, we will never know.

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