Friday, July 15, 2011

Steve the cat

I am pleased for all of you to meet one of my feline neighbors, Steve the cat.

This handsome creature of the night has a purple name tag that identifies him as "Sara's Priceless Treasure", so that is what I called him for a time. SPT for short. Only recently did I discover that he has the very common human name of "Steve".

Steve's owner's landlord informed me that Steve is a very attention hungry animal. In the picture above he is making the customary cat ovation of rolling and wiggling around. I gathered that Steve's owner works late hours, hence the cat's forward nature.

I have a theory that Steve, due to his lack of a strong human role model, is subject to some confusing emotions and may have an issue or two. He loves attention and will purr his little heart out, but once you pet him he will assail you with love bites of steadily increasing intensity. Still, I consider Steve to be a solid cat friend and often I offer him the therapy of biting my hand a bit before I move on from him.

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