Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cat Person

Nothing makes a housecat want to get outside like a real nice, bright and sunny day. They'll roam, sniff and lounge the day away like the little fuzzy princes/princesses they are.

Well, at least most housecats have a tendency to be that way. We caught up with mister orange tuxedo here, pensively waiting to get back into the safety and comfort of the human domicile.

More often that not in this situation, the cat will expect some help from me with opening the front door. Some cats just don't get it!

This cat, however, did indeed 'get it'. He got it so well that it appears he is in the process of teaching himself to open doors on his own. He made a great effort, but sadly he was not able to get the door open himself. I suspect that it may be common for cats that spend a good deal of time indoors to come to believe that they are humans. This cat, if any cat, probably thinks he is a person.

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