Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Walter the Cat

Southeast Portland seems to be a place where house cats know no boundaries. A good friend of mine, Amanda Joy (the taker of these pictures) recently moved into a real nice house on a real nice street here in the southeast. Shortly after moving in, this gent appeared at their doorstep.

 Walter is a wooly sheep-like feline who, after a brief introduction involving an name tag and some pets, had become very comfortable with his new neighbors.

But it didn't end at the doorstep . . . Walter is much more than a socially curious outdoor cat.

Walter apparently has no reservations about becoming very very comfortable with new friends that he has just met! He just came right on in to Amanda's new place! I believe that this is the budding of a long and enriching friendship between human and feline.

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  1. You need to walk around SE 17th and Alder and call out for Bacon. She has quite the following of neighborhood residents and homeless people.