Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This is Memphis, a cat with whom I have maintained a steady rapport. He lives right around the corner and up the street a bit from me; it is a small wonder that he did not end up on this blog some time ago.

It's next to impossible for me to sneak past his house without him seeing or smelling me and running out to greet me. Once when I tried to avoid him by walking on the other street, he came running and meowing at intervals of about a half dozen cat steps. I picked him up and it was then that an older human neighbor of Memphis declared from a rocking chair on her porch, "That cat has passed through this realm many times!"

According to Memphis' human he is sixteen years old, yet in spite of this he still seems as bright eyed and vital as ever. However, when I apply my specialized cat massage to Memphis, he has a tendency to close his eyes and allow droplets of drool seep out of the ends of his mouth. He seems to enjoy the massage quite a bit more than other cats do.

I always find something to appreciate about every cat that I meet, some have more admirable qualities than others. But Memphis holds a special distinction to me, he is one of my few "cat bros". I try to see him regularly and occasionally bring him a bit of catnip or a small can of food.

There is another cat bro in my hood. He will be featured in next week's post.


  1. Jimi!!!! :) It's your old friend Jen! I'll be visiting Portland for a day in August. I hope we can meet up, and I can meet these adorable cats too! I'll contact you soon.


  2. could you share your specialized cat massage technique with your readers? thanks!